Musical Director

Robyn Nadvornik


* Dickinson State College - BS  K-12

      Music Ed

* Elementary Music - South Heart Public


* K-12 Music - Belfield Public (1979-87)

* Private instrumental and Vocal instructor

* Music director - United Methodist Church

* Dickinson State University - Pit band

     orchestra member and rehearsal

     accompanist for musicals

* Currently working toward Sweet Adeline's

     Director's certification

 * American Insurance - Licensed Insurance


Directing a Sweet Adeline's Barbershop Chorus is very different from directing a choir.  My hands need to become an extension of how my mind hears the phrasing of the music we sing.  It's a continuous process of learning to leave strict time behind and lead the chorus to sing phrases much like they would be spoken.  The harmony in a barbershop chorus is also much different than that of a choir.  One must constantly work to train one's ear to hear the chords lock together to produce a wonderful ringing chord. 

The Prairie Rose Chorus is a fabulous group of women who care about each other and are eager to fulfil the things that I ask of them, and for that I am grateful.  My goals and aspirations for our chorus are to continue working hard to become the very best Prairie Rose Chorus we can be.  I challenge each member to stay focused and work hard, because together we can far surpass all that we can imagine at the present time. 

New members and visitors are challenged to hang in there for at least 3 months, before making a decision to leave or stay.  Barbershop is a new way of singing and something that most have never experienced. It takes time to fit into this new reality.   Approximately 70-75 % of our members do not read music, but can learn to sing what needs to be sung.  If you love to sing, then take a chance on a wonderful and exciting way of producing music! 

I owe my passion for music to a high school band director who took a chance on me, and was an inspiration to me and to his students for many many years.   I hope to be that inspiration to everyone who steps in to take a chance on the Prairie Rose Chorus. 


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